DU Meter 7.40 Crack Full Version Free Download

DU Meter 7.40 Crack

DU Meter 7.40 Crack is an application that allows you to visualize all of your network bandwidth potential as well as utilization at any specific point. You can see this either through a real-time graph of the utilization or numerical representation of usage. As well as it can allow you to get both graphics and numeric displays. Furthermore, it is a very diverse program. Which can be used with many types of internet connections including Dial-Up, Modem, Ethernet, DSL, Wi-Fi and many more.

You can add this meter as an extension to your browser toolbar from where you can easily access it. Moreover, DU Meter Serial Number is a very lightweight program which needs only a small amount of system resources. So using this program there is no risk of slowing down your system. It can easily run in the background without any effect on processor speed. In addition, it has a large number of powerful features for logging and generating reports of internet consumption. As well as support for various file formats for exporting all these reports such as HTML, doc, Excel etc.

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DU Meter 7.40 Crack has a very special hiding feature with which you can monitor all of your online activities and get a notification about any major event. Also, it has very simple and easy to comprehend user interface. Which is fully customizable and allows the user to make any changes for enhancing their experience. Moreover, it has time feature such as stopwatch for recording accurate timing of all of your downloads. With this, you are in complete control of your network connection.

DU Meter 7.40 Crack

Key New features in the latest version of DU Meter Crack:

  • It offers features for simultaneous monitoring and controlling of both LAN and internet network traffic.
  • Also, you can easily with just one click switch or change your traffic mode for just LAN or Internet Network.
  • Furthermore, it allows you to get information of network or bandwidth usage for each application separately.
  • Now monitoring support for Wi-fi Signal is also included. And you can relate to network throughput for signal quality.
  • It has a very easy interface with a lot of modes, schemes, styles, metro look and many more customization options.
  • It offers many contrast modes, font styles, font sizes and support for visually challenged users.
  • Moreover, it offers great performance and efficiency for all the editions or versions of Microsoft Windows including Server packs.
  • All the components of Database including SQLite as well as SSL Security are also getting updates to solve any compatibility or security issues.
  • Moreover, it supports all types of network hardware from the latest high bandwidth cards to the traditional dial-up modems.
  • All issues in the previous version are fixed including all the translation problems.
  • DU Meter Crack offers interface in multiple international languages. In the new addition, Chinese and Hungarian are also added.


This update includes several important bug fixes:

  • Security update: OpenSSL libraries used by DU Meter for secure email communication have been updated to the latest version, due to security bugs discovered in previous versions.
  • Rare memory leak problem has been fixed.
  • Automatic error reporting and recovery has been enhanced to report possible memory leaks and application hangs.
  • The installer has been improved to install and uninstall in silent mode correctly.
  • Several additional minor bugs and typos have been fixed.


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